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Conference: Anthropology, Technology and Future World-Making, October 31 - November 1 2019

About the seminar

About the seminar

Save the date! The conference will take place over two days on 31 October - 1 November 2019. More information about the conference will follow.

Preliminary description

Studies of the future of technology development are dominated by attempts to foresee, create markets and manage uncertainty through different techniques of prediction and prevention. While it is obvious that new technologies shape our human future it is also evident that there are reciprocal effects and interplays between the technical world and the symbolic and cultural world, e.g. through magic, play, superstition, imagination, sociotechnical imaginaries, myths and science fiction. The closing conference will explore how anthropology can provide accounts of people’s creative and non-predictive ways of engaging with the future through technology. ‚Äč