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4th Seminar. Optimization, September 12-13 2019

About the seminar

About the seminar

Organized by Dorthe Brogaard Kristensen (University of Southern Denmark), Klaus Hoeyer (University of Copenhagen), and Maja Hojer Bruun (Aalborg University) the “Optimization” seminar is the end seminar of the Optimization Research project and a part of The Research Network for the Anthropology of Technology seminar series, both funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The seminar will take place over two days on 12-13 September, 2019 at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense with keynote lectures as well as paper presentations.

Preliminary desccription

We are presently witnessing a surge of new technologies that are designed to optimize mental and bodily well-being and capabilities, such as certain medicines, e-health apps and a variety of technological devices for tracking and optimizing the self. Such technologies are envisioned to realize people’s future ‘potential’. The aim of the seminar is to explore how basic anthropological questions concerning personhood, humanness, and the pursuit of hopes and dreams can be explored through empirical studies of technologies for optimizing the self and human sociality.